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Spa practices during Covid-19

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Whew what a whirlwind! After 3.5 months closed we’ve just completed our first month back. In March when Governor Baker announced that we'd be closed until further notice I was in a state of denial. I honestly thought we'd be reopened in a couple of weeks. After coming to terms with the reality of the situation I let myself feel sad for a bit then i got to work accepting and making the best of the circumstances. After all, business ownership is about rolling with the ups and downs.

Im happy to say it was a very busy July and we’re so very thankful for every client who trusts us during these unprecedented times.  Over the course of the month we’ve had many clients reach out to ask what we’re doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For that reason I created this list as a reference for clients who'd like to know more about our daily procedures and precautions.  



Our Setting

  • At Kur village we have two waterfront treatment rooms. This helps tremendously with social distancing since there can never be more than two clients in the suite at a time.

  • We've removed our waiting area to accommodate two separate areas for checkout. Clients are asked to fill out all forms online and arrive just five minutes before their sessions.

  • -Blue Air Hepa filtration systems are used in both treatment rooms. Each machine covers 540 Square feet. Our treatments rooms are just under 200 Square feet.

  • -We run essential oil diffusers constantly. We diffuse doTERRA essential oils and blends known to offer antiviral/antibacterial/antifungal properties.

Before your session

  • A Covid Form is sent 24 hours in advance of every scheduled appointment. 

  • All clients must enter with a mask on. We will provide a mask if you need one.

  • Shoes are removed at the door on a vinyl mat that is sprayed with hospital grade disinfectant multiple times a day. Therapist who wear shoes in the suite are asked to sanitize their shoes upon arrival. We also vacuum daily.

  • Temperatures are taken at the door.

  • Clients sanitize or wash hands upon arrival.

  • Therapist thoroughly wash hands and arms before each session.

During your session

  • Therapists wear PPE required by the state of Massachusetts: Gloves, Mask, Eye protection. We also wear a new disposable apron for every session just in case our clothing comes in contact with clients or linens during a session.

  • Masks are required on the table for massage sessions. We find that clients prefer a medical mask over cloth while on the table. 

  • No products (lotions, oils etc) are left in the rooms between sessions. Products are carried out and wiped down/washed/disinfected between each client.

  • Noise levels and weather permitting our treatment room windows will be open for fresh air.

After your session

  • Therapist thoroughly wash hands and arms after each session.

  • We schedule in 30 minutes between each session to thoroughly clean and sanitize.

  • All surfaces touched are sprayed with a medical grade disinfectant. Sanitizer bottles are labeled with the amount of time each sanitizer must sit on the surface in order to kill germs. Door knobs, credit card machine, front door mat, the chair you place your items on, treatment table and face cradle are all sanitized thoroughly. Our treatment tables have always had a vinyl sheet over the padding so we’re able to completely sanitize between each client.

  • We use a sponge at the sink and it is sprayed with bleach multiple times a day.

  • We keep track of  the “infection prevention” methods we use by adding them to the notes we take for each client.  

  • Our linens are professionally laundered by a local company and put away in a closet seperate from soiled linens. 

I sure hope I didn't miss any steps! I believe that's just about everything as of today!

Thanks for checking in.


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What about prople tense shoulders and neck I get migraine when I get

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