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phytomer spa plymouth

 Massage &

Self Heating Mud Booties - Foot treatment

detox, release congestion, nourish tissue, relieve pain, exfoliate

At the beginning of your massage session, spa mud booties, designed to simultaneously soothe the nerves and muscles will be placed on your feet. Once applied, the thermal mud compresses will gently begin to heat up; as the heat increases, so does the activity of the product. Millions of tiny bubbles, like champagne, perform a micro-massage to absorb every trace of tension. Next your feet are gently exfoliated with a combination of black sand, pumice stone, digestive papaya enzymes and glycolic acid.  Steaming spa towels and a serum infused hydration complete this treatment. 

Includes heat therapy and essential oil

70 / 90 

$ 200/ 240

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