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Business Philosophy


Kur Village is centered and focused on wellness. As a Business Owner, my first priority is running a harmonious, peaceful and organized oasis of healing. I started this business because I believed that clients and therapists alike deserve to be respected and supported in a highly professional environment. I encourage clients to be open to working with all of our experienced therapists.    


We work as a team and offer a variety of massage modalities; Myofascial Release, Cupping, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Prenatal, Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Traditional Hot Stone Therapy.  We also offer a variety of spa treatments. We only use the finest products on the market from companies with sustainably sourced ingredients. Our treatments are infused with sea water and sea plants from the Brittany Coast of France.  We also combine the essences of plants, through essential oils and CBD lotions.  


In order to create customized sessions on the day of treatment, we ask that every client has an up-to-date health form on file.   This helps avoid falling into a routine pattern of bodywork and ensures that the work being done is as specific and effective as possible.  To ensure a smooth transition into follow-up sessions, our skilled therapists take notes after each treatment. To learn more about our results-oriented work please take a look at our REVIEWS.  


Kur Village is tucked away in quiet tranquility with walking paths to historical downtown Plymouth.  The spacious treatment rooms offer natural light, brilliant sunsets and a front row seat to local wildlife activity.  We appreciate all that nature brings to our coastal Venue.   


For questions about specific therapeutic modalities or choosing a therapist, you may call the front desk, 508.317.1748.  


“Kur Village LLC - Facilitating wellness on the path to empowered healing.”  

Rose Mathews-Bruninghaus 2021 

Kur Village Spa Career
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