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Kur's Spa Treatment Add-ons & Enhancements

Enhance your  massage session when booking or upon arrival

Immerse your senses in the richest and most vital element on the earth, the sea. Our spa treatments are infused with sea water and plants from the Brittany Coast of France. Renew your skin, detoxify your muscles  and relax into the luxury of a Kur spa experience. The fresh, clean aromas will leave you feeling as though you've spent a day in the sand, sun and salt water. We also combine the essences of plants, through essential oils into each session. We only use the finest products on the market from companies with sustainably sourced ingredients.

Hot Stone Balancing Treatment  

soothing heat & relaxation

Hot stones and steaming aromatherapy towels are

used to ground emotions and open airways.

- 30.00

Click here for our Full Body Hot Stone Massage

Plymouth Day Spa

Self-Heating Mud Compress

detox, release congestion, nourish tissue, relieve pain, exfoliate


At the beginning of the massage session, your therapist prepares a thermal mud compress designed to simultaneously soothe the nerves and muscles. Once applied, the mud will gently begin to heat up; as the heat increases, so does the activity of the product. Millions of little bubbles, like champagne, perform a micro-massage to absorb every trace of tension. Next your back is  gently exfoliated with a combination of black sand, pumice stone, digestive papaya enzymes and glycolic acid.  steaming spa towels and seaside moisturizers are used to further relax your muscles.

Spinal Column -60.00

Hot Mud Foot Treatment - Mud Booties

Spa Foot Treatment 

May be added to 90 minute sessions

Click below to choose type and view pricing

Peppermint Foot Treatment


Hot Stone Foot Treatment

Hot Mud Foot Treatment

CBD Foot Treatment


Tropical Smoothie Hand treatment  

Exfoliate, hydrate, nourish 

Organic, vitamin rich ingredients are used to rejuvenate the hands and lower arms.

From fingertips to elbows,

a coconut sugar scrub

will renew your skin followed by a nourishing antioxidant rich Apricot & Strawberry

infused hydration.

Heat is used to increase the benefits of this tropical treatment.  




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