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Transformational Body work

transformation -

1.the act or process of transforming.

2.the state of being transformed.

3.change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

Daily positive change is desirable for most people. We are hardwired to strive for excellence. Goals propel us forward and help us to become better versions of ourselves. Through persistence and hard work we evolve.

But what if we feel stuck?

What if there is an outside force interfering with our progress? Hindrances like pain, insomnia, brain fog or depression. Well, that's where body work comes in.

One of the messages i love to pass on to people is this, "If a body work session does not leave you feeling transformed, you need to seek out a different practitioner."

As a massage therapist and business owner it is my job to help clients reach their goals.

Did you feel positively transformed after your last body work session? If not, set your expectations higher.

Rose Mathews

Kur Village Massage

Plymouth Massachusetts

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