Deep Tissue - Pain Relieving Massage

This massage is recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, athletes and those who have sustained physical injury.

Each deep tissue massage is unique and designed to relieve tension and pain in specific areas. Modalities will vary depending on your practitioner.  

 Our therapist  offer a combination of focused muscular trigger point work,  heat therapy, and stretching.  Upgrade your service with a topical pain relief treatment to further relieve areas of tension. 

Includes heat therapy and doTERRA essential oil

60/90/120 Minutes

Dorothy  $100 / 138 / 175

Kara  $100 / 138 / 175

Rose  $105 /145/185





Swedish Based - Relaxation Massage
This is a classic massage for those seeking relaxation. It involves long sweeping strokes applied with light  pressure. Swedish  massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness. It improves circulation, helps release toxins and boosts immunity. Brings mind and body back in to balance.

Includes heat therapy and doTERRA essential oil. 

60/90/120 Minutes

Dorothy  $100 / 138 / 175

Kara  $100 / 138 / 175

Rose  $105 /145/185


Harbor View for Two - Couples Massage

*Side by Side couples massage in one of our waterfront treatment rooms.

Includes  doTERRA essential oil.  



Two therapists required, choose a massage from our options and add the two rates for total cost. 


*Temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19 precautions. However, you can still book two sessions at the same time and have the spa completely to yourself.  


Combination Massage

This is a combination of  Swedish-based relaxation massage and deep tissue, designed for clients seeking pain relief in specific muscle areas while still desiring the grounding and relaxation that Swedish massage provides. 

Includes heat therapy and doTERRA essential oil. 

60/90/120 Minutes

Dorothy  $100 / 138 / 175

Kara  $100 / 138 / 175

Rose  $105 /145/185


Myofascial Release

During this treatment your therapist will use strategic holds  to release facial restrictions in the body.  

Specific trigger point and deep tissue work may be incorporated for particularly stubborn areas. 

An ideal treatment for clients who live with chronic pain, have extreme tension,  

have experienced trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures.

Myofascial release treats the cause of the pain rather than the symptoms.

Many people find long lasting and permanent pain relief from myofascial release.   

Myofascial release allows for authentic emotional and physical healing and enhances the effectiveness of other

therapeutic modalities and exercise programs.

MFR sessions may only be available by referral at this time.

In the event we cannot accommodate a session we will refer you to another trusted local MFR practitioner. 

Call directly at 508317.1748

60/90/120 Minutes

 $105 /145/185


Therapeutic Stone Massage
Silky smooth stones are gently heated and used as extensions of the therapist's hands. This is a great treatment for those who need deep tissue manipulation but do not enjoy the pressure of that type of massage modality. It is said that one stroke of a hot basalt stone is equal to seven strokes with the hands. The radiant heat and weight of the stones melts away muscle tension and produces deep relaxation.

Includes doTERRA essential oil.  

90/120 Minutes

Dorothy $160 / 205

Kara $160/$205

Rose $168 / $215

Prenatal Massage with Pregnancy Cushion

Lie facedown in complete luxury on  our  supportive bolstering system.

A gentle relaxation massage adapted to provide safety for expecting moms.   A medically tested and patented designed pregnancy cushion cradles you in comfort.  This therapeutic massage soothes muscle tension and discomfort.

Offered during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. 

Includes doterra's lavendar essential oil. 


Dorothy  $100 / 138 / 175

Kara  $100 / 138 / 175

Rose  $105 /145/185

A gentle essential oil application, this treatment uses eight therapeutic-grade essential oils topically to produce a whole-body wellness experience designed to relieve stress, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and achieve autonomic balance.

Essential oils are applied to your spine, feet and hands in a precise pattern.   It's a calming and aromatic way to detox your body.

Set your intention, take a deep calming breath and plan to be rejuvenated.  

fifty minutes


Cancellation Policy:

Please let us know  24-hours in advance if you need to change or cancel an appointment.  Clients who cancel within 24 hours will be charged 100% of the price of their cancelled service. Clients who do not show or call to inform the therapist will be charged 100% of the price of their cancelled service.  Following appointments will need to be secured with a credit card.

Massage Therapy Plymouth


Massage Gift Certificates are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash

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Online booking is available with select therapists. For couples massages and spa packages please contact us directly.

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