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Relaxation Massage
This is a classic massage for those seeking relaxation. It involves long sweeping strokes applied with light  pressure. Swedish  massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness. It improves circulation, helps release toxins and boosts immunity. Brings mind and body back in to balance.

Includes heat therapy and doTERRA essential oil. 


$118 / 178 

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Combination Massage

This is a combination of  relaxation based massage and deep tissue work, designed for clients seeking pain relief in specific muscle areas while still desiring the grounding and relaxation that Swedish massage provides. Modalities will vary depending on the therapist. 

Includes heat therapy and doTERRA essential oil. 


 $118 / 178 

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Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, athletes and those who have sustained physical injury.

Each deep tissue massage is unique and designed to relieve tension and pain in specific areas. 

 Our therapists offer a combination of focused muscular trigger point work,  heat therapy, and stretching.  Upgrade your service with to a CBD Massage to further relieve areas of tension. 

Includes heat therapy and doTERRA essential oil


 $118 / 178

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A note about deep tissue:

 Modalities will vary depending on your practitioner. Our therapists work safely being

sure not to injure themselves or their clients.  

If you're seeking extremely deep levels of pressure please give us a call to ensure we book you with the correct therapist.




 Holistic Sea Massage

Kur Village's - Signature Treatment

 Detoxify, exfoliate, hydrate, nourish, relax & relieve pain 

Immerse your senses in the richest and most vital element on the earth, the sea. 

 At the beginning of the session your therapist prepares seaweed mud compresses designed to simultaneously soothe the nerves and muscles.  Once applied to your spine and feet, the mud will gently begin to heat up; as the heat increases, so does the activity of the product. Millions of little bubbles, like champagne, perform a micro-massage to absorb every trace of tension.

 When the mud is removed, a gentle seawater exfoliant and steaming spa towels are used to renew your skin. 

Relaxation serum, body milk and our exclusive ocean side scented oil nourish and hydrate your skin throughout this full body spa massage and hot stones are incorporated to ground emotions. 


The fresh, clean aromas will leave you feeling as though you've spent a day in the sand, sun and salt water. 

Contraindicated for those with seaweed and iodine allergies

75 Minutes 


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 Massage &

Exfoliating foot Treatment 

grounding & relaxing

At the beginning of your massage session, a citrus exfoliation scrub is used to gently remove dry skin from your feet and lower legs. The grounding aromas of ginger, douglas fir and frankincense are blended into a warmed replenishing  body butter and used  to massage the area. To complete this spa ritual heated basalt stones are used to melt any remaining tension. This treatment is composed of pure essential oils and will leave you feeling grounded & relaxed before your  therapeutic massage. 

80 Minutes


Massage &

Peppermint Foot Therapy

cooling pain relief

           Once your therapeutic massage has been completed, a seawater and peppermint exfoliant is used to gently renew the skin on your lower legs and feet. After being wrapped in aromatic steaming spa towels, your legs and feet will be expertly massaged with a blend of arnica wintergreen, ylang ylang and peppermint.

This treatment is composed of pure essential oils and designed to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and leave you feeling invigorated. 


80 Minutes


Spa Treatment Plymouth Massachusetts

Harbor View for Two - Couples Massage

Reserve two sessions and both of you will  enjoy the  massage of your choice in our spacious, newly renovated  waterfront couples treatment room. Looking to extend your time together in Plymouth?  Gift shops and award winning restaurants are just  as short walk away! 

Includes  doTERRA essential oil.  


60 Minutes/ 90 Minutes

$236 / $356

Enhance your couples service...

 Massage Spa Add-ons

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Therapeutic Stone Massage
A full set of  silky smooth stones (35-50)  are gently heated and used as extensions of the therapist's hands. This is a great treatment for those who need deep tissue manipulation but do not enjoy the pressure of that type of massage modality. It is said that one stroke of a hot basalt stone is equal to seven strokes with the hands. The radiant heat and weight of the stones melts away muscle tension and produces deep relaxation.

Includes doTERRA essential oil.  

90 Minutes


An automatic 20% gratuity will be charged at checkout

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Prenatal Massage with Pregnancy Cushion

Lie facedown in complete luxury on  our  supportive bolstering system.

A gentle relaxation massage adapted to provide safety for expecting moms.  ​ A medically tested and patented designed pregnancy cushion cradles you in comfort.  This therapeutic massage soothes muscle tension and discomfort.

Offered during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. 

Includes doterra's lavender essential oil.


$118/ 178

Add a Coconut Apricot hand treatment - $35.00

Prental spa plymouth

Massage with  Full Body Silky Multi-Exfoliation

Relax & Enhance Complexion with this Full Body Exfoliation

            After your massage of choice is complete, Perfectly silky skin is created with a combination of black sand, pumice stone, digestive papaya enzymes and glycolic acid. Once your skin has been exfoliated, Steaming aroma towels  are used and a final oleocreme body milk & Serum are incorporated into your massage  for quenched, smooth skin. 

85 Minutes


An automatic 20% gratuity will be added upon checkout

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Suggested add on:    Hot mud Booties

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CBD Massage

We use a High Potency CBD made from Oregon grown hemp, with a focus on providing safe and effective relief, rejuvenation and  recovery. After testing out various CBD products we chose the one that created the most positive change in the least amount of time. We are results driven and this product has proven itself effective again and again.  This massage is ideal for calming the nervous system, relaxing tight muscles to prepare them for deep work and assisting those who normally have a difficult time sleeping.  

Take a bottle home with your from our retail section.  

CBD can be added to any of our massages excluding prenatal sessions. 

Includes heat therapy and doTERRA essential oil. 

Adds $10 to your session price

Myofascial Release

During this treatment your therapist will use strategic holds  to release facial restrictions in the body.  

Specific trigger point and deep tissue work may be incorporated for particularly stubborn areas. 

An ideal treatment for clients who live with chronic pain, have extreme tension,  

have experienced trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures.

Myofascial release treats the cause of the pain rather than the symptoms.

Many people find long lasting and permanent pain relief from myofascial release.   

Myofascial release allows for authentic emotional and physical healing and enhances the effectiveness of other

therapeutic modalities and exercise programs.

MFR sessions may only be available by referral at this time.

In the event we cannot accommodate a session we will refer you to another trusted local MFR practitioner. 

Call directly at 508.317.1748

60/ 90

 $118 / 178

Cancellation Policy:

As a courtesy please let us know 48-hours in advance if you need to change or cancel an appointment.  Clients who cancel within 48 hours will be charged 50% of the price of their cancelled service. Clients who cancel within 24 hours or do not show or call to inform the therapist will be charged 100% of the price of their cancelled service.

                         If you have a gift card and prefer not to be charged this deposit fee please provide your gift card information in the notes when booking.

Massage Gift Certificates are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash