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Kur Village Facial

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Tropical Smoothie Hand Treatment

Every Eminence facial is a relaxing and uplifting sensory experience. 

Once your facial is complete ,

Elevate your experience with a treatment to rejuvenate the hands and lower arms.

From fingertips to elbows,

a coconut sugar scrub

will renew your skin followed by a nourishing antioxidant rich Apricot & Strawberry

infused hydration.

Heat is used to increase the benefits of this tropical treatment.  


Signature Facial & Hand Treatment                 75 Minutes , $135


Signature Enhanced Facial & Hand Treatment        75  Minutes, $170  


Vitamin C Facial & Hand Treatment                      75 Minutes , $160


Anti Aging Facial Hand Treatment                        75 Minutes, $185

Blueberry Detox Firming Facial & Hand Treatment     75 Minutes, $185   


Kur Village spa treatment
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