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Step 1) Fill out Order Form and Submit

Step 2) Click "Buy Now" to Enter in Your Payment Amount and Submit Payment with PayPal

 Massage Therapy Gift Cerficates, Exclusively for Women.

Referrals and repeat clients contact me directly.

Once you've submitted your order information, you can go ahead and pay for your order by clicking the "Buy Now" button below. Simply enter your credit card or PayPal information, and enter in the total of your purchase in the ''Item Price'' field.

There is no tax on Gift Certificates.




If you are purchasing more than one Gift Certificate, please fill out an order form for each one. Payment though, can be combined. 

Example: Buying 3 $100.00 Gift Certificates?  Sumbit three order forms and click the "Buy Now" button  to pay the total amount, $300.00

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Kur Village will reopen in 2-4 weeks  Thanks for your patience and understanding. Feel free to contact Rose with any questions. 8.13.16

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