Reflexology Offerings at Kur Village

Reflexology is an alternative health therapy which uses the application of pressure using finger and thumb techniques on the feet. Reflexes in the feet correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body. Working these specific points connects with the thousand of nerves in the feet encouraging balance, health and deep relaxation. Reflexology utilizes light to moderate touch. You will only need to remove shoes and socks for this treatment. 

The semi reclined position will allow you to enjoy our ocean view or you may opt to wear an eye cover and sink into your own world. 

Benefits of Reflexology

Relieves  Foot and ankle pain & inflammation

Relieves  Back pain/ Muscle pain

Benefits Hormonal Balance 

Supports Digestive issues

Supports Sleep issues  

Improves circulation & lymphatic flow


$100 ,  $115

At checkout an automatic 20% gratuity is added


Are you a reflexologist looking for a healing space to offer your healing touch?  Reach out and we'll speak to you soon.