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Community is Essential

In 2007, I established Kur Village Massage Therapy in Wareham Massachusetts. During my time there I built a large clientele and networking base. In 2015 my family and I moved to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Soon after I decided to take a leap of faith and move my business to Plymouth as well. Unfortunately, many of my clients would not be able to make the thirty to forty-five minute commute to the new location.

After the move one of my first tasks was to get out and meet new people in the community. I also wanted to start offering my clients an elevated massage experience with essential oils. I did my research on the top certified therapeutic grade oils and doterra's global outreach style stood out to me. I was also drawn to the way doterra creates community both locally and globally.

Since becoming a wellness advocate with doterra I've met dozens of wonderful people who enthusiastically use and share essential oils, many of them live here in Plymouth. I'm happily aligned with a group of generous, kind, helpful people who work together and educate the community about the health benefits of essential oils. We utilize modern tools like face time, email and text. We also meet face to face on a regular basis.

If you're on the fence about which essential oil company is best, do your research. If community and building a "tribe" of caring wellness beings to connect with is important to you contact me. I know an amazing team you can join today!

Rose Mathews

Kur Village Massage Therapy

Plymouth Massachusetts

Watch the videos below to learn more about how doterra is impacting our world on a global scale:

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